Things I'm Just Not Buying

I don’t believe…

…any of the Chinese female gymnasts are over the age of 15. including the 20-year old one.

…Lifelock founder Todd Davis is really giving out his social security number in all those radio spots. I mean, has anyone ever checked into this? Of course not.

…how amazing that finish was in the 4×100 relay the other night. Watching it on replay was like watching an episode of LOST for the second or third time…still gave me chills.

…they’re remaking 90210.

…the Rays are still in first place in the AL East.

…my daughter is halfway to 14.

…I still have to wait 6 months for the start of season 5 of LOST. Word is the first episode of the new season will be titled “Because You Left”.

…Brett Favre is going to help the Jets achieve a winning record this year. I havent finished compiling my 2008 NFL predictions yet, but I know I won’t have the Jets better than 8-8.

…we’re still driving around in vehicles that utilize the combustion engine, something that was invented hundreds of years ago.

…my softball team has advanced to the Finals of our playoffs.

…more colleges and workplaces haven’t gone to a 4-day workweek. I’ve been saying we should do this for years. I am completely convinced that if we all worked 4 9-hour days a week, we’d get more done in those 36 hours than in the traditional 40 we work now.

…golf broadcasts haven’t added some of the CGI elements that football has. You know how we can’t live without the first-down line now? I bet 10 years from now we’ll be saying “remember back when they didn’t show us exactly how long each putt was as a guy set up to hit it?”

…the Super Bowl performer is going to be another old fart. This time it’s rumored to be Bruce Springsteen. I know this will make some of my friend’s happy, and yeah, I know The Boss isn’t a fart, I just think it’s funny that they keep tapping older acts for this gig.

…school starts for my kids in less than 2 weeks.

Anything you’re not buying?