The New

Many of you know that I am writing a book. In fact, all of you reading this know, because I just told you.

What you may not know is that I am taking a break from writing the book for a few months. This is a calculated move that my agent and I agreed on because we are wily and crafty. Also because I need to get a bigger readership.

Phase I of the plan was to increase readership at Prayers For Blowouts, which has been happening since I’ve added 6 new writers to the site. So far, so good.

Phase II was for me to give my personal homepage a face-lift. Most of you have probably never actually been there, but it was time for a change.

I’m happy to say that this afternoon I finished the redesign and it’s now live. The sections on my writing, speaking, and well, basically everything have been updated. The picture on the front page is from a few months ago.

(I’m actually about 10 pounds heavier in that picture than I am now, but oh well. What’s 10 pounds when you have the Brooklyn Bridge as your backdrop?)

Check it out if you have a second while I move on to Phase III. (and by “move on to Phase III” I mean “figure out what Phase III is”)

ps…if you see any typos or bad links, let me know.