There Was Corn in Egypt

My friend Jason Boyett is running a contest on his blog, and I need your vote to win.

Among the many things that Jason does, he owns, a site where you can order a t-shirt for a band that doesn’t exist. Brilliant, no? (Jason also dresses like a clown for elderly bachelor parties and gives juggling lessons to dyslexic farmhands.)

Jason recently accepted submissions for a new band name to adorn a t-shirt, with the only rules being that the name of the band had to come directly from text from the Bible.

Being that i love creating fake band and album names, I was all over it. I loaded up the Bible Gateway on my Interwebs browser and searched long and hard through obscure KJV texts in order to come up with a great band name. (man, i gotta tell you, that KJV sure does read funny. i’ll take a modern translation any day.)

Here were the names I submitted:

Nor Thine Ox
(Deut 5:14)

Captain of Fifty
(2 Kings 1:9)

Slaughter of the Kings
(Hebrews 7:1)

Zenas the lawyer
(Titus 3:13)

By Reason of the Fire
(Deut 5:5)

Of Pomegranates
(Numbers 20:5)

No King but Caesar
(John 19:15)

There was Corn in Egypt
(Acts 7:12)

My personal favorite was “Of Pomegranates”, but Jason chose “There Was Corn in Egypt” as one of the 6 Finalists. So, how can you help?

Go over to Jason’s blog and vote for There Was Corn in Egypt as your favorite fake band name.

If I win, I think i get a t-shirt with the band name on it or something.

(and while you’re at Jason’s site, you might want to consider buying his book “Pocket Guide to the Bible” for $6.99. That’s pretty cheap, especially considering he’ll autograph it for you…with his own blood! don’t worry, he has his blood in a pen, it’s not like he would cut off his finger and use the bleeding end of it to sign the book. that would be gross.)