rain is for the birds

ahh nature. sweet, sweet nature. how you make my life complicated sometimes.

where do i begin? how about with the birds. Two weeks ago Parker and I were playing baseball in the backyard when he noticed a dead bird laying the mulch. He went to touch it, but after hearing me yell “DONT TOUCH IT!” he backed off. Then we noticed that it was barely breathing. I felt bad. This thing clearly was just about dead. I put it in a tightly tied plastic bag and hoped it would peacefully suffocate to death.

then yesterday Parker and I were playing baseball again (we do that a lot) and what do you know? another almost dead bird. i used a shovel to get rid of it (that’s all the details I’ll go into) and went on to lose 7-6 in 4 innings on a Parker walk-off home run.

Why all the dead birds? I don’t know. I’m guessing it’s a stray cat or something.

Then this morning I go out to bring in my trash cans and there are 2 robins in my garage trying to make a nest on the garage door opener like they tried to do two years ago. what is wrong with these things? Can’t they tell I don’t want them building a home IN my home?

But enough about birds, they aren’t nearly as frustrating as this rain has been. If i cancel games tonight, and I most likely will, that will mean that 19 of our last 20 league games have been canceled. It’s a scheduling nightmare that falls directly on the shoulders of the league president, which is me. Last year I had to cancel only 6 games in the regular season. I’m already tripled that and we’re not in June yet. Good times.

LOST was great last night, eh? 2 weeks until the Season Finale. Should be a memorable two hours…their season finales always are.