what brothers are for

a few notes…

+ the haircut on saturday went well. he went pretty short with it, but that was fine with me. Was it a massive step up from the free haircut i usually get? probably not. but it was better. He did some stuff on top with thinning shears that should keep things under control when i’m 5 weeks out. Before I left I made an appointment for mid-May that I’ll probably keep.

+ at T-Ball practice on thursday night we all nearly froze to death. It had to be 40 degrees or so, and the wind was whipping. But our 7 t-ballers were troopers, and they stuck it out. Most random quote of the night came from little Madison. She told me, “My brothers cuss at me sometimes, but that’s what brothers are for.” Alrighty, then.

+ My NCAA brackets were amazing this year. I picked 6 of 8 Elite Eight teams, 4 of 4 Final Four teams, and I have Kansas beating Memphis in the finals. I think Memphis will win, but I’m hoping for Kansas. How much money will I win if KU cuts down the nets? Nothing. I scribbled together a completely different bracket for the only pool I’m in with a prize – the one at work – and of course, that one is terrible. Go figure.

+ I was voted in as a deacon yesterday at church, so that was pretty exciting. Not that there was much question about whether it would happen or not. Our voting process is just there because it’s in the by-laws. I’m excited to have a role in what God is doing at our church. The current leaders have great vision and passion, and I’m looking forward to partnering with them.

+ My sister Karyn is coming down to visit this weekend, and we’re excited to see her. Looks like the weather might warm up towards the end of the week as well, so that would be a nice change. Let’s have some Spring already!