Some changes on the horizon

Over the next few minutes/hours/days/weeks I am going to be making some changes to the site. My goal is to relaunch my blog with a new focus and stronger vision. Here’ s how it will go down:

1. Create a new blog for family stuff to keep extended family in the loop of what’s going on.  I’ve actually done this already, so if you care about what my kids look like when they eat sour candy and how our bowling trip went, here’s the address:

2.  With family stuff going to the new blog, I want to refocus the new blog on, well, me. With aspirations of turning the “writing thing” into an “author thing” over the next few years, I want to use my blog to create heady content that entertains, challenges, and inspires. And I want to do it consistently. Better men than me have failed at this, but I think I’ll give it a shot anyway.

3. I’ll be giving the blog (And the whole website) a face lift some point soon. But the feed should stay the same, so that aspect will be seamless.

I guess the point of this all was to say that if you read my blog once a month or once a day, you can expect more. And if you want to see pictures of my kids, here you go.