prayers for blowouts

Kurt Warner wants his family and friends to pray for his torn ligaments (in his non-throwing arm). Some media members think he should shut up because he’s already been blessed enough. Got an opinion on this story? I do.

It’s why i launched a new blog last week, Prayers for Blowouts, that will take a look at these frequent collisions of sports and faith. The site will be about sports in general as well, not just when faith comes into play, so if you’re into sports I think you’ll enjoy it.

Take a look around and if you like it, subscribe to the feed (and if you have a blog, I’d love to trade links with you.)

Does the world need another Sports blog? No. I know it doesn’t. But as I’m focusing on the collision of sports and faith, I hope PfB will be the first place you come when you see stories like this one as I’ll be covering it extensively, giving my opinion (which hopefully you respect), and looking for y’all to share your thoughts in the comments.

thanks, bryan

Update: Since I’ve already received a few emails wondering if Prayers for Blowouts has anything to do with the book I’m writing, the answer is Yes.