in the city

i’ve got a great view of Manhattan from down here near the financial district as i type this. I’m on the 10th floor of a building on Murray Street between West Broadway and Church.

We had a great time with Matt and Renee last night. Erica and I actually got into the city in the afternoon and walked around for a few hours before Matt got out of work (on saturday? yeah…he’s a lawyer, so we don’t even ask if it’s necessary). it was raining unexpectedly, so we had to stop and buy umbrellas, but eventually made it to chinatown and had some pretty good sushi and rice for lunch. then we walked up to SoHo and did some shopping. when i say “shopping” i mean that erica went in about 10 stores and i just followed blindly, praying that the store had a place to sit down.

Matt met up with us in SoHo and we took the subway home to freshen up for dinner. We ate at Buddakan, which is a philly restaurant originally. It was really delicious food, served family style, so everyone shares. it’s supposed to be a celeb-heavy joint, but i didn’t see any. from there we walked to a bar in the meat packing district called the otheroom on perry st.. had a beer there called allagash white that was pretty good. hints of lemon and such. we made it back and crashed before 2am, so that wasn’t too bad.

this morning we’re planning on going for a run, though i don’t know if that will happen. then we’ll grab brunch before heading out of the city and back home to the kiddos. looks like a beautiful day out there, so i’m looking forward to it. i really love this city. (in small 1 or 2-day doses at least)

hope you all are having great weekends as well…