some random notes

+ my fantasy football teams (all 4 of them) went 4-0 this week. that will probably be the last time that happens…

+ finally got my watch fixed after over a year of not wearing it. i’m kinda liking having one on again.

+ dunkin donuts coffee…wonderful…

+ so i get to work and my pants have a big pen mark on them and my shirt has a mysterious yellow stain on it. nice. i think i’ll hide out in my cube all day.

+ finally got my Martin D35 (guitar) back from the guitar-fixer-dude in Nashville and it sounds amazing. apparently there were more problems with it than i thought. the back and sides were coming apart, the braces were all starting to break, the neck was coming off the body, and the bridge needed to be secured. it cost me $450 to get it fixed, but it’s a $1500-$2000 guitar, so it’s worth it in the long run.

+ golfing on friday in a benefit tournament, so i’m excited for that. i shot a 95 the last time i went out, which, while sucky, is still my best this year. friday will be a scramble, so it should be fun.

+ i’m halfway through book 4 of Potter (goblet of fire). Cliff was making fun of me on sunday because i’ve been reading it forever, but the book is 700 freaking pages long. who has time to read that much? i’m enjoying it, but not moving very fast.

+ i ran 12 miles last week (2, 6, and 4 mile runs) which was the most i’ve ever done. i’m trying to watch what i eat and exercise regularly for the next 2 months or so in hopes of being in the best shape i’ve ever been in by halloween. why halloween? no reason, really. it just seemed like a good endpoint. if you’re looking to shed a few pounds or start on some good habits, why don’t you join me? there’s about 8 weeks until the end of October, so the commitment is tolerable.

+ going to NYC for a night next weekend. should be a lot of fun to hang with Matt and Renee again. gonna eat at a place called Buddakan in the Meat Packing District. you need reservations 30 days in advance. that’s how we roll.