what's new with you?

yodaalright, so i need a catch-all blog post to update everything that’s going on…

+ leaving for Houston on sunday morning and pretty excited about it. I’ll be meeting up with Caedmon’s at the airport and spending most of the next 4 days with them liveblogging on caedmonscall.net about anything and everything related to their CD Release on Tuesday. It should be a lot of work and a lot of fun. The work will be trying to come up with enough quality content to keep posting fresh things to the site. I’ll be snapping pictures, asking questions, and trying to give readers as much of a feel for what it’s like to be around the band as possible. The fun will be in just hanging out, because to a man (and woman), everyone in the band is good peoples. I’ll be missing Erica and the kids something fierce by Thursday, but I’m sure it will go by quickly.

+ The other good news related to all this is that once my Caedmon’s duties are finished on Wednesday afternoon, I’ll be chilling with my friends Buddy and Chelle down in Dallas for the night. I’m looking forward to seeing their family and all the kids who are at CFNI in Dallas from our church. It will be a nice break between the madness of 4 days with Caedmon’s and the awesomeness of heading home to my family.

+ I was approached by one of the founders of armchairgm.com to post some of my sports-related articles on their site. I hadn’t heard anything about their site before, but it’s pretty cool. Think of MySpace meets ESPN meets Facebook meets Al Gore. They claim to have hundreds of users submitting stuff that is read by thousands of readers, and a quick check of their popularity on Technorati confirms that they are widely read. Users submit articles, which are voted on and commented on by other users, gaining you points and trophies and such truck. I’ve submitted two pieces so far, and both have received some favorable responses. In fact, my one short commentary Bass Ackwards (that i had posted on the Burnside Blog last week) is currently the most popular article on the site over the last 3 days (scroll down on the right-hand side for that list). So that’s pretty encouraging. I’ll continue to generate sports content over there, i suppose, because it’s fun to see my work being so well-received.

+ I’m supposed to be getting my Martin D-35 back from the shop today. It’s been down in Nashville getting some major reconstructive surgery for the past few months. Andy Osenga (of Caedmon’s fame) was my middleman for the whole shebang and he says that the guitar is playing, feeling, and sounding, better than ever. I’m really excited about getting it back.

+ got Madden 08 for the Wii this week. Haven’t played it much, but it’s been fun when i have. Parker’s actually been playing it more than i have. The great thing about games like Madden and Tiger Woods is that for the Wii, they build the game so that it not only offers advance levels of play for gamers like me, but it offers easy modes of play that my smart 4-yr old can use. Bravo, Nintendo.

+ saw Derek Webb play a set at Purple Door on saturday and really enjoyed it. He played a few of his electric guitar driven tunes on acoustic and it gave them a nice feel. Derek totally pulled a Tony Campolo when talking about Africa and how we ought to be offended by the poor quality of life that our neighbors in Africa are living in. He said something to the effect of “…6500 Africans are dying every day from the diseases in the water they drink and from the mosquitoes that carry treatable diseases and many of us don’t give a shit. In fact, most of us are more offended by the word i just used than we are at the fact that so many of our neighbors in Africa are senselessly dying every day.” ouch. what is effective? yeah, i’d say so. I mean, i think it zinged a lot of us there. Hopefully it moves us to do something about the situation.

+ I took my last golf lesson of the summer last night. I feel really happy about the fundamental changes in my grip, posture, and swing that i’ve made over the past few months. This fall and into next year i want to play more and make those changes habitual and routine in my swing. I think I’ve set myself up to be a much better golfer as i play more, but time will tell. My goal for next summer will be to break 90, and like Yoda said, “Do or do not…there is no try”

so what’s new with you? if you’ve got something to share, give me a quick update in the comments section…