jack bauer and my bro

+ i’ve got a couple of new entries up over at the Burnside Writers Blog: this one where i provide more proof that I’m an idiot, and this one where I question why people duck lightning bolts from God.

+ Results from the “probable melanoma” i had removed 2 weeks ago came back looking good. I had one more mole removed yesterday, and hopefully that’s it for a while. I didn’t sleep well last night at all, 13 stitches in your back will do that to you…hopefully tonight is better.

+Taking the fam to see a baseball game tonight. The Harrisburg Senators against the Portland Sea Dogs. Kylie’s not too excited about it, but Parker is pretty geeked up for it. This will be his first real baseball game that he knows what’s going on. Here’s to hoping we can catch a foul ball or something.

+my new favorite picture of the year showed up in my inbox today. My brother Josh hanging with Jack Bauer backstage at the Paradise in Boston, where Josh is a manager. Apparently he and Kiefer hung out for a bit, did a few shots, and talked music for a while. Josh is one of the coolest people i know…i wish we lived closer together. The pic cracks me up…