cheating at candyland

last night i spent about 15 minutes talking to my kids about Jesus, God, Heaven, Hell, and babies falling off of roofs.

I did devotions with the kids (Kylie will be 6 on monday, Parker is 4.5) and we talked about how Thomas doubted that Jesus had risen from because he hadn’t seen Him yet. It was a very teachable opportunity, and we had a good time with it. I explained to them how i believe that Jesus rose from the dead even though it’s “weird” to think about it sometimes and sometimes i have doubts about it.

Parker told me that he didnt want to go to heaven because you would be there “forever”. So we talked about how everyone dies eventually and how we have to “somewhere” forever. i told them about heaven and hell. Kylie wanted to know if hell was like jail. i said that i thought it kinda was, and i told her some of what Jesus said about it. I kept the conversation as light as i could, and made sure i didnt convey to them that it was critical that they be SURE of these things. that’s the last thing i want them to think.

Out of nowhere Parker said “Imagine if a baby was climbing on a roof and he fell off and died” and both kids starting busting a gut laughing. i have to admit, it was a really funny moment. Of course, there’s nothing funny about a baby dying, or about a baby falling…but they were both laughing about the “baby on a roof” part and they thought it was funny. Once they stopped laughing i explained to them that “babies dying” is never funny, but that the thought of a baby on a roof is a bit “silly”.

We talked a bit about what sin was and that Jesus didn’t sin at all. Kylie said she has lied before, but never cheated at anything. Parker kept his mouth shut, but later he told me as i was tucking him in that he has cheated before at candyland, saying that he “moved his guy around without following the cards”, which i thought was probably the cutest confession ever.

we then prayed together and thanked God for Jesus living and dying and not sinning and prayed for all the usual stuff as well. I have to admit, it is scary to talk about such things with my kids. Knowing the large part i play in developing their world view…it’s almost overwhelming. But it’s fun at the same time. I care about them so much, that i want to make sure that I am doing the right thing as their dad.

If you’ve been through this before, so you have any advice? Those of you with younger kids, have you thought about those moments yet? Those without kids, do you look forward to those moments or do they scare you too?