ends and odds

+ golf lessons have been going well. I’m starting to see some improvement at the range. Next time i play will probably be the Auntie Anne’s Tournament at Hershey Country Club next Friday. Really looking forward to that.

+ Excited to hear that Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds are getting together to do another live CD (DVD too!). I’ll be picking this one up on August 14th, fo sho.

+ Erica and I saw Ocean’s 13 last night. It was good, not great. I give it +1 cannarfs. Much better than Ocean’s 12, though that isn’t hard to do. Pacino was pretty good in it, actually. I think his performance turned a “Decent” movie into a “good” movie. (if you’re wondering what a “cannarf” is, and I’m sure you are, I’ll have to explain it on the blog here later this week. it’s basically a generic unit of measure that rates something against your expectations. If something was exactly as you expected, it gets 0 cannarfs. Worse than expected gets negative cannarfs, better than expected gets positive cannarfs. I’ll explain more later.)

+ Big Brother 8, our yearly summer guilty pleasure, starts in 2 days. Pretty excited for that. Looks like the twist this year is that they’ll have one houseguest doing things that America tells him/her to do. Viewers will vote online and by phone and he/she will be able to win cash by following through with her assignments. that should make for some good tv…but we’ll see.

+ In case you’re viewing this in a feedreader, I’ve got a new widget in my sidebar here. It’s a NikePlus widget that displays my run data, because i KNOW you REALLY CARE about how my running is going. Erica and I (and hopefully Jake too…if he doesn’t chicken out) are still planning on running a 5K in Harrisburg next Saturday. As you can see on my widget, my current best 5K is 26:57, which aint too shabby for a newbie like me. Hopefully i can best that mark on the 7th.