Big Bro, Toronto, and no Soprano

  • all this time i never realized that Toronto was longitudinally right above Pittsburgh. I always thought it was over New Hampshire. Guess i was getting it confused with Quebec. Amazing what a $5.95 Map of North America can do for you.
  • Don Miller’s Blue Like Jazz is being made into a movie. Don is very involved in the project and is excited about how it is going to turn out.
  • A plan has been “fleshed out” for the last 3 seasons of LOST, according to LOST writers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof. In the article Lindelof notes that the focus of the show will shift from “asking more questions” to “answering more questions” because they don’t want to leave everything unanswered until the final hour of the show. In regards to how they are going to end the show, they note that “…no ending will satisfy everyone.” but that they will not end it with a blackout like the recent series finale of the Sopranos.
  • I consider myself a fairly big sports fan, and yet, i would rather watch paint dry than the NBA Finals. Literally. It would be interesting to see if any bugs landed on the wet paint and then got stuck there and eventually had to face the decision of whether they should chew off their own legs or just starve to death. You’re telling me that’s not better than watching the Cavaliers versus the Spurs?
  • Yankees only 8.5 behind the Sox now…am i worried? Nope. Do i think the Yankees will catch the Sox? maybe. But I’m certainly not going to worry about it. I guess that’s the biggest difference since October of 2004 when Foulke flipped to Mientkiewicz. It’s not life or death anymore…it’s close, but it’s different now. And that’s a good thing.
  • 3 weeks until the next Big Brother Season begins on CBS. Are you ready Geof? Erica and I are…