I killed Tony Soprano

Everyone is blogging about the Sopranos today so i thought I’d throw my hat in the ring with 10 not-so-salient points about the show:

  1. I have never watched a second of the show. Some would say this is tragic. I’m not too concerned about it.
  2. People are pretty bent out of shape now that the show is over. I can’t relate, but know that i will be feeling like that in May of 2010 when LOST ends
  3. Apparently Tony had a different shirt on when he entered the diner than he did sitting at the table in the final scene? i don’t know if that’s true or not, or if it has significance, but I like spreading rumors.
  4. The ending left things up for interpretation, in case you hadn’t heard. 25% of folks think it was genius. 70% are ticked off and disappointed. The other 5% think Paris Hilton should be freed so she can go cry to her mommy.
  5. Will Leitch, huge Sopranos fan and David Chase apologist, had a great take on why he was hoping that there would have been more closure over at Deadpsin.com:

    Years of television have trained you to expect a conclusion, he [David Chase] seemed to be saying, but you’re not gonna get one. To which we respond: Years of “The Sopranos” have trained us to expect nothing. We just thought you might be nice and give us something anyway.

  6. Most popular theory out there now is that when the screen went black it was Tony being shot by the guy who went into the bathroom. Earlier in the season Tony said something to the effect of “you never hear the sounds of the bullet that kills you”.
  7. I thought the show’s creator David Chase was, like, 31. Googled him today to find out he’s a few years into his sixties. doh.
  8. James Gandolfini apparently wants nothing more to do with the character of Tony Soprano. We’ve seen this before, when Bronson Pinchot swore off everything to do with Balki Bartokomos that he could.
  9. Some say “The Wire” on HBO is every bit as good as “The Sopranos”. There’s another show i’ll probably never watch.
  10. David Chase told me not to say anything, but, i just can’t hold my silence any longer. I shot Tony Soprano. It was me. And then i shot Meadow and A.J. and Carmela. I would have shot Phil, but apparently his head got crushed by a car. I shot Paulie Walnuts too, though i don’t know if he is still alive or if they killed him in Season 5. I tried to shoot David Chase, but i shot the wrong guy because i thought David Chase was 31. Turns out i wounded a key grip from the show’s production staff. He’s in stable condition and recovering quite well. I’m looking for a good lawyer. Leave a comment if you know of any.