Astros Softball 07 – Game 05

Note: Game 4 was a 13-8 loss to the Ambassadors that i was not at due to my vacation. For more details on the game check

Astros (1-3)  at Lightning (0-5), Monday 5/14, 8:30pm, Strasburg

The Lightning are the new team in the league, and are having a rough go of it. Monday night was no different.

It wasn’t really fun, to be honest. They were a bunch of good guys, who were just having trouble making outs. At one point in the 4th inning i think we sent 16 batters to the plate without having an out recorded. And one finally did when our left fielder purposefully left the base early to be called out. Later in that inning i struck out on purpose (somewhat subtley) in order to end the madness. In that inning, brothers Scott and Doug each belted grand slams. Doug had 2 homers.

I tripled to the wall, doubled off the wall, reached base twice on errors, grounded out on purpose and struck out on purpose.

Final Score: Astros 31, Lightning 3

Next Up – a big Doubleheader: Astros (2-3) at Kings (0-4) & Astros (2-3) at Living Hope (3-2), Monday, 7pm & 830pm, Strasburg