the light at the end of the LOST

life is good here in orlando. a breakfast buffet, a 2-mile run, lounging by the pool and soaking in the sun with a margarita listening to Paul Simon’s “Surprise” and then Jeremy Casella’s “Recovery” back to back on the ipod…that was nice. I’ve had my fill of UV rays for the day and I’m ready to wash off the salt and cholrine.

Happy to hear that LOST is signed, sealed, and only needs to be delivered. So the show will go 6 seasons…its what i had hoped all along. Even though the last 3 seasons will be 16 instead of 22 shows, you can’t complain. The writers now know how long the show will play out for (almost unprecedented in network tv) and they can pace themselves and lay out the storyline as best they can. Sure, they might have to hack off a few ancillary scenes and storylines here and there that the shortened seasons won’t allow for, but it’s for the best in the end. Personally, I am so geeked up for the season finale, as they are promising that they will totally change the game on us once again…and then we have to wait until February 08. Cant wait already for the opening scene of Season 4!

happy monday, everyone…