Astros Softball 07 – Game 3

Orioles (1-0) at Astros (1-1) , Monday 4/30, 7pm, Strasburg

Sometimes we find new ways to lose. This time, it was giving up 10 runs in the first inning. The Orioles found every hole and every gap. 10 stinking runs. 10. After that, they didnt score anything. Squatta. We put up 2 in our half of the first, 3 more in the 2nd, a few more in the 6th, and found ourselves down 10-6 in the last inning. Back to back doubles by Matt and I, followed by a single by Jay cut the lead to 10-8. With two outs we had runners on 2nd and 3rd…but couldnt get them home.

Progress? I guess. Last year i think we would have been 10-runned being down 10-0 so early. This year we fought back and held our ground. We left 5 runners on base in the last two innings alone. The next step is to turn those close losses into wins.

I felt much better at the plate, went 2-2 with a double a walk and a sac fly, 2 RBIs and 2 Runs scored.

Final Score: Astros 8, Orioles 10

Next Up: Ambassadors (2-0) at Astros (1-2) , Thursday, 7pm, Willow Street