things to do with 3K

5 things to do with $3000

1. buy 5 32″ HDTVs

2. build a well in Africa

3. Take a nice vacation to Miami

4. Pre-Order 150 of Derek Webb’s new CD “The Ringing Bell”. What you do with the 150 graphic novels that you get with the 150 CDs? That’s up to you. (if you pre-order the CD for $20, you get a 96-page graphic novel that was written based on the lyrics of the songs on The Ringing Bell for free…plus you get to download the entire CD immediately upon purchasing it.)

side note: Even if you don’t like his music, you have to admit that he’s setting the bar high in terms of what what he’s putting into the hands of the people lately. He gave his last album away for free online, and now he’s giving away graphic novels and letting you download it a month early if you pre-order. that’s one of the reasons i love working with derek, because he’s all about taking risks and doing things that make sense.

5. Have the transmission in your 99 Honda Odyssey rebuilt.

I’ve looked long and hard at the above list, and I’m gonna have to say I’m going with #5. Am i crazy? No, i just need my car to run. And apparently in order to do that i need to pay the nice man at AAMCO $3100 to get the transmission rebuilt.

It’s pretty craptacular, but what can you do? thankfully the tax refund due in any day will help us cover it…but man, it stinks. Not looking for pity, though, just wanted to vent.