ever get the feeling like there’s too much going on? sometimes i do. not necessarily an overwhelming feeling, though i can feel that on occasion as well, but more of a “wow, there’s alot going on” type of feeling.

there’s a hundred things i’d like to post about. erica’s got a nasty virus, fantasy baseball is starting up, i’m almost finished with another writing piece, our youth small group will kick off soon, softball season is fast approaching, work is going well, my parents might be one step closer to moving to north carolina, i need a water softening system for my house, march madness brackets will be fun, LOST has been a little disappointing of late, the Red Sox season starts in less than 4 weeks, my kids are so much fun, my favorite band is recording in the studio again, and the list goes on and on.

it’s a wild ride, this life, and it sucks to think that with each day that goes by there’s one less day to enjoy. But before i get all ‘Hallmark Card’, i’ll just say that i am enjoying life, despite how much is going on.

i am very blessed, more than i realize probably.

more posts to come later this week…