the streak is alive!

i put my 4-game Scrabble winning streak on the line yesterday against Erica’s aunts and somehow it survived.

I played well in Game #1, and going out first at the end only padded my score. I finished with 194, and the next closest aunt had 112. I put the score up on the fridge just to be a jerk.

They roped me into a second game, and Aunt Lena had me on the ropes for a while. Her play of ‘zooms’ on a triple word score added 51 points and gave her a 20+ point lead on me halfway through the game. I came back with a 25-point play and then on my next play dropped an ‘x’ onto a double-letter tile to make ‘ex’ and ‘xu’ for 36 points and never looked back. I scored 194 again for my 6th win in a row against the women of fisher.

we’ll be away over christmas this year, so i’m not sure when the next match will be, but i’ll be ready to go for lucky #7.

speaking of 7, i think i gained 7 lbs yesterday. hope you all were able to control yourself more than i could.