ramble me this

ok, so i’m watching football this afternoon and i see a commercial for Saw III. How fast are they chugging out these movies? Didn’t the original Saw movie come out last year? And is there really that much of a demand for this stuff? I don’t get it…and speaking of things i don’t get, here’s some other random things I’ve been thinking about lately…

I’m not one of those people who passionately prefer Coke over Pepsi, or vice versa, and as a result I’m getting bored with the following conversation:

“Can I get a Sprite please?”

“Sierra Mist OK?”


Maybe I should do a better job of figuring out which line of beverages the place sells before I order, but I think it should be universal that when I ask for a Coke, I just want a cola and when I ask for a Sprite, I want a white, carbonated, citrus flavored, caffeine-free beverage. I mean, let’s face it, Sprite, 7-Up, and Sierra Mist are all the same product in different packages anyway. You know it’s true.

Here in Lancaster County they have a county-wide trick-or-treat night. This year it happens to fall on New Year’s eve, but in years past it has been on a weekend night a few days before halloween. The whole concept is foreign to me because in Massachusetts you went trick-or-treating on Halloween night, no matter when it was.

I think it would be fun sometime to just walk around a restaurant and go up to other tables and ask “How’s everything today?” like those restaurant managers do from time to time. And then if people actually had a complaint I would say “Oh, I don’t actually work here, I was just wondering how you were doing.” Am I the only one who gets that urge?

Flying on a plane has forever changed for me after seeing the pilot episode of LOST. For 2 reasons actually. #1, Now when i fly, in the back of my head I’m hoping the plane doesn’t rip apart in two halves…can’t say I ever entertained that notion before, and #2, I actually think there’s a chance that I could survive if that did happen.

Gummi bears are the seasoned veterans of the candy world. They always know how to deliver, they never try to do too much, and they’ve been around for longer than you can remember.

The fact that “_____ for Dummies” and “The Idiot’s Guide to _____” are two of the best-selling book franchises in the nation tells some people that as a country we love to learn. It tells me that as a country we have pretty low self-seteem.
Headed to Boston tomorrow…updates to come.