Lazy Saturday

Good to be home with nothing to do on a saturday. With Kylie in school 40 hours a week now, it’s become more important that she gets some quality home time as well, which is fine with me because I’ve always been a homebody. I’ve always loved being “home”, whether that home was in New Bedford, Swansea, Worcester, New Holland, or Intercourse. Home is good.

Tomorrow right after church I’m heading out to Pittsburgh with Chad and Tom for a 2-day worship leader conference. Chad is the worship leader, Tom is a killer guitar player, and I’m just kinda along for the ride. I hope to pick up some good tips on songwriting and maybe get inspired a bit. Ross Parsley and the Desperation Band will be leading worship on Sunday night and Paul Baloche will be there on Monday night. I’m looking forward to the teaching and the worship, but even moreso just the fellowsihp of hanging out with some cool guys. Should be a blast. And hopefully we can get to Pittsburgh in time to catch the second half of the Cowboys-Eagles game.

LOST got off to a great start on Wednesday. I’m excited to see where they are going. I’m starting to form a theory about where they are going with all of this, but i don’t want to share because I’m sure the writers of LOST read my blog and if they find out that i know, then they’ll probably have to change the show up, and i don’t want to be responsible for that.

I got the new Sleeping at Last CD, Keep No Score. I’ve listened through a few times now and I like it. Their sound is so different from what’s out there. It’s a little more mellow with all the orchestration and all, but his voice is just so haunting. I keep singing the following line over and over again: “We are diamonds waiting to be found / Catching light in the corners of our eyes.”

Speaking of great lyrics, one of my favorite songs of the year is Eric Peters’ “You can be Yourself” from his CD Scarce. It’s a song about how love has changed him and completely turned him inside out. Check out the chorus:

If love is a fool’s maze, I want to get lost
If love is a new day, I want to wake up
You can see, you can see what it’s done to me
You can be, You can be yourself

So happy that the Yankees are down 2-1 right now and one the ropes. Equally happy that A-Rod is 1-13 or whatever he is. I’m sure he’s a good guy and all, or maybe he’s not, i don’t know, I just like when he fails. All the Tigers have to do is take 1 of the next 2 from them Yankers, let’s hope they can get it done.

NBA Basketball is starting up soon. I’ll probably only watch a few games all season as i find sitting through games awfully boring. But i will have 2 fantasy baseketball teams this year, as i always do. One head-tohead and one rotisserie. I love fantasy basketball because you can check stats and make lineup adjustments every day. Some people say they dont have time for that, but it only takes 5-10 minutes a day, and it’s a nice little break from work or whatever, so that’s why i enjoy it. Last year i finished 4th in both leagues, so I’m hoping to improve this year and win a fantasy league, which will earn me a fantasy trophy so i can be fantasy cool in my own little fantasy world.

I guess i can end this post with a few pictures.

Here’s when Cliff pulled me into the radio station’s promotional pictures after the Caedmon’s show last week

Here’s little Miss Kindergartener herself

Parker wearing his Buzz Lightyear outfit he got from grandma & grandpa

Kylie getting off the bus with grandpa and parker

enjoy your weekend everybody…