booms, bangs, and blisters

I had a great Father’s Day yesterday. It started off chilling on the couch with my kids watching Full House. Then i went into church a little early to do some demo recordings of songs we’ve been working on. I was in awe of Apple’s Garageband software the whole time. So easy to use and so cool. In 20 minutes we laid down drums, guitar, and vocal for the verse and chorus of Tim’s song. It was a rough demo, of course, but good enough for Chad to be able to practice with. Then we laid down the same thing for my song. The effect we used on my vocal was terrible, not to mention that my vocal was terrible (i’ll partially blame it on this cold i have), and the 110 tempo we used was way too fast. but other than that it sounded decent. i can’t see any scenario at this point where i don’t have these capabilities in my basement 6 months from now. it’s too easy and too fun not too.

after church we had a feast of chicken, ribs, and fresh fruit at the in-laws, preceded and followed by much swimming. the swimming refreshed us so much, that we talked ourselves into golfing. chad and i joined Buddy and Bob for 18 holes at Mocassin. I played alright, considering it was my first time out this year, and shot a 48-48 for a 96. i’ll take it. the finger i busted last august held up fine, except that the enlarged knuckle on that finger was rubbing up against my ring finger on my right hand the whole round. by the 12th hole i had a blister, by the 15th hole the blister was rubbed off, and after the 18th hole i was left with some raw skin. note to self: next time bring band-aids.

one other note from the weekend. the fireworks show on saturday night in intercourse was great. best part was that kylie and parker actually enjoyed them. kylie had earplugs in, but there was no screaming and wailing. first time the 4 of us have been able to enjoy fireworks together. call it a milestone for our family.

well, i’m headed home soon. erica has her pottery class and i’m dying to see how close to done our deck is. stay cool.