a perfect '10' weekend?

1. Because tonight is my first softball game. Can’t wait to put the uniform on again and throw my body around on the grass with reckless abandon. I love everything about playing; the game itself, the competition, the good sportsmanship with the other team, the camaraderie with your own team, etc. goood fun.

2. Because i can stay up late tonight. Not that i will, just that i can. Because i dont have to get up at 6am tomorrow, i can sleep until 8am if i want to. So maybe i’ll stay up late reading or something.

3. I dont have to wake up early tomorrow because i am taking the day off. friday at home with my sweetheart = priceless.

4. it’s always a treat to catch up with Derek. looking forward to hearing him play and finding out what he’s up to.

5. along with seeing derek, i’m excited to meet and hear his wife sandra play for the first time. she is incredible. get this: she toured with Hanson (ya know…MMM Bop) in the UK. How random is that. I’m also excited that some cool peeps are coming with us to the show. I like it when my friends meet my other friends. i also like it when people get to enjoy good music.

6. Saturday i get to be with my kiddos all day. They are so cool, i love being with them.

7. Yardwork. sometimes i like it. i’m excited to cut the grass, do some edging, hang some tools in the garage, fix my hose reel thingy, and water my new grass.

8. The NFL Draft. It’s on TV all day saturday. I’ll TiVo it so i only watch the parts i want. Should be interesting to see how the first 8 picks shakeout.

9. Sunday morning i am on worship team. Really excited for that. Love playing. i also enjoy the songwriters forum we do as well, its been a real challenge for me to stretch myself like that. i’d like to be able toput a few good songs together someday.

10. Sunday night. we are doing family night. I think erica and i will each take a kid and have some quailty tie, then come together before bed to do something together. should be fun.

so yeah, lots of cool stuff that could happen this weekend. i like it when my circumstances line up like that. It’s cool that God gives us passions and talent and opportunity to enjoy things like this. That’s what i love about life sometimes…bry