dawn of a day

crazy day today in lancaster county.

10am – Dawn (my 36-weeks pregnant sister-in-law) is in the nursery at church and catches her foot while trying to step over a gate holding a toddler. she doesnt want to break the fall with the kid she’s holding, or her pregnant belly, so she breaks the fall with her shoulder. and the fall breaks her shoulder. fractured it actually.

4pm – Dawn is in the hospital and will have to stay overnight. her shoulder is fractured (not too badly) but she’ll have to keep it in a sling immobilized for 4-6 weeks. Her C-Section is scheduled for 3 weeks away, but she is having contractions. They are trying to get them to stop.

8pm – Chad calls and says that things are ok. she wont be able to drive for a while, and it will be tough with 3 kids under 3, and dawn not having 1 of her arms to use, but they’ll manage. she is in the hospital over night. he went home to say goodnight to the kids before he heads back to the hospital.

9pm – Chad calls again. on his way to the hospital. Dawn just called him and told him to get back to the hospital right away. they are having a C-Section tonight! He’s not sure why, but he doesnt think the baby is in danger or anything like that.

11pm – Mom-in-law calls to tell us that everyone is ok. Avery Jade Fisher, a baby girl, was born by C-Section at 6 lbs 10 ounces. not even in the NICU, she’s healthy. Rough day for Dawn, hopefully the perkisets help.

keep them in your prayers