and we're back

got back from our trip to cancun this week. we had a great time soaking in some sun, reading, swimming, eating, eating, and eating. i got sick the day before we left, and didnt go to the doctor’s figuring it was a little cold i could shake with some tropical air. turns out it was strep throat, and it was rocking me pretty hard until i figured it out and got some over-the-counter amoxicillin at the gift shop. the infection also rocked my sore back, making it seize up at one point so that i had to go get a muscle relaxer shot from the on-site doctor. geeesh, am i 28 or 48? not really sure. once i got the strep out of my system, i could actually enjoy eating food and had a good time.

i read 2 books while i was there. well, actually, i havent finished the second one yet. once i do i will review them both. the reviews will be terrible, i’m sure, but i will deliver as promised.

i’ll get some trip pictures up at some point too. geof will have to remind me how to put the pics up like i did for my trip to Ecuador with Caedmons.

let’s see, what else is worth mentioning? well, softball starts tonight for us. that is huge. i love playing softball. i guess i played so much baseball as a kid, it feels like i’m validating part of my youth when i step on the field these days. plus, i am pretty good at it, so that makes it fun too. i was an all-star as a kid, but that was usually because i hustled alot, was polite, and had a pretty good glove. these days i can still field, but i can swing the stick too. good times. here’s the stats from last year to prove it.

unfortunately its supposed to shower all day here, so 50/50 chance that we won’t play tonight. why cant it rain next friday, so the doubleheader that i don’t want to miss can be postponed. then i can go check out derek and sandra in York. i’m praying for rain, so we’ll see.

well, i need to go get some coffee and you need to get back to whatever you were doing…