it's all good

i’m not gonna say anything. that’s why i’m posting today. to say nothing. yes i am alive. yes i am excited about tonight’s game. no, i have no expectations. it’s not like there’s a slim chance of hope. no team in baseball has ever done this. let alone against the yankees. so i’ll still keep watching the games knowing it can’t be done, hoping that i can be proven wrong. knowing that the yankee lineup is scarier than nude pictures of dick cheney, yet hoping that our ragtag bullpen can keep them off the scoreboard. knowing that i am only being setup for a letdown, but hoping that maybe this is the year.

i said it at the beginning of this series and i’ll say it again. both teams have an equal chance of winning each game. they are that evenly matched. i said that when the series was 0-0, 3-0, and now 3-2. if we win tonight, i’ll say it again. if we lose, i’ll tip my hat, mumble a few choice words under my breath about Matsui’s mother and Jeter’s sexual preferenece, and then get ready for next year.

one thing i won’t do though, is forget how exhilirating these last 2 games have been. if nothing else, i won’t walk away from this season feeling like it was a total waste.

but yeah, like i said, i have nothing to say. no rain. let’s get this overwith.