game 2 is history

i still have just as much hope for the series as i did at the outset. the Sox stil need to win 4 games, and as long as there are 4 games left to be played, they have a chance. am i optimistic? no. but i wasnt at the outset either. just hopeful. that’s all you can be as a Sox fan. you cheer with all you have until they’re done. then you wait for next year.

francona should have pulled schilling earlier. the ankle thing was obvious. Damon needs some home cooking to get back in gear. Sheffield should be intentionally walked in most situations. the cardinals probably win the whole thing this year, but i’m not ready to write off the AL champ yet. friday’s rainout won’t help the Sox as much as it would have if Schilling was healthy.

that’s all i got at this point.