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Banana Runts

October 29, 2002 Bryan 2

I tripped and fell and this stuff came out of my ears: + There are 2 types of people in the world. Those who like Read More

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Sideshow Justin

July 26, 2002 Bryan 0

In the past few weeks I have come to a sad conclusion. I don’t like fireworks. I’m years away from being 30 and already they Read More

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Naked Belt Loops

June 19, 2002 Bryan 0

a few scattered thoughts i’ve had over the past few weeks… ~if you know someone who likes to brush their teeth in the bathroom at Read More

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Interviewing CC

May 8, 2002 Bryan 0

I recently took a trip from PA to Dallas and back to interview Caedmon’s Call and see a concert. Here are all the mind-numbing details… Read More

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