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on 'secular' music pt II

December 1, 2005 Bryan 0

i want to make another post without referencing the ongoing discussion about music…but i just can’t. so here’s a question…just a little one to jog Read More

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on 'secular' music

November 29, 2005 Bryan 3

Buddy, couldn’t agree more on the standards thing. Having personal standards that are biblically based is the crux of what I’m saying as well. I Read More

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October 13, 2005 Bryan 0

LOST continues to rock my world. i’ve never looked forward to a TV show this much before. not sure if its healthy. nothing better than Read More

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September 28, 2005 Bryan 1

today, i am old. 29. it seems like just yesterday i was turning 20 and mourning the loss of my teens. suddenly my 20s are Read More

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September 14, 2005 Bryan 1

not sure what prompted this post, but it seems like a good idea. so i’ll roll with it. this is who i am, via the Read More

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just beachy

September 8, 2005 Bryan 0

our week at the beach is almost done. we head home tomorrow evening. like all good vacations, this one went by too fast. and yet, Read More

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whoopsie digits

August 12, 2005 Bryan 2

ok, here’s the reader’s digest version of my last week. – friday night i try to stretch a double into a triple and slide so Read More

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