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just beachy

September 8, 2005 Bryan 0

our week at the beach is almost done. we head home tomorrow evening. like all good vacations, this one went by too fast. and yet, Read More

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whoopsie digits

August 12, 2005 Bryan 2

ok, here’s the reader’s digest version of my last week. – friday night i try to stretch a double into a triple and slide so Read More

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ESPN upsides

August 4, 2005 Bryan 1

– 2 things I’m really enjoying from ESPN these days: — CHEAP SEATS without RON PARKER …If you don’t know what it is, it’s what Read More

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the August Weight-Off

August 2, 2005 Bryan 0

my calendar is saying it’s August, but my waistline has me convinced it’s more like mid-February. It’s still light out at 9pm, and i’m checking Read More

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BB6 stratego

August 1, 2005 Bryan 0

— ok thoughts from this past week of BB6. — I think it was smart for Maggie to put up Kaysar and James because she Read More

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odds and ends

July 29, 2005 Bryan 0

o—o i think that Theo will definitely make a deal or two before sunday at 4pm. My gues is that The Sox and The Twins Read More

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BB6 ramblings

July 25, 2005 Bryan 1

So Big Brother 6 is in turbo mode already, i couldnt be happier. — — i liked James early on, but slowly started to cool Read More

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