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Look for LOST later

December 12, 2006 Bryan 1

just caught wind of this story…LOST is being moved to 10pm when it returns on February 7th. Why? Because ABC has decided not to pick Read More

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only in lancaster

December 6, 2006 Bryan 0

so this morning i… …ran into the hardware store to buy some duct tape (don’t ask why. the story involves my side mirror, my garage, Read More

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To dog or not to dog

December 4, 2006 Bryan 3

(warning #1: if sports bore you, then don’t even bother trying to readag this.) (warning #2: if gambling on sports bothers you, again don’t read Read More

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the streak is alive!

November 24, 2006 Bryan 1

i put my 4-game Scrabble winning streak on the line yesterday against Erica’s aunts and somehow it survived. I played well in Game #1, and Read More

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ample rambles

November 15, 2006 Bryan 1

hearing people complain about John Cougar Mellencrap’s “Our Country” commercials has become almost as annoying as hearing the actual commercials themselves. If I was in Read More

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