Event Hosting

Bryan has hosted events as small as 0 and as large as 300 people, though that number would be higher had there been more chairs and no fire code.

Comfortable performing stand-up, interviewing personalities, and keeping a crowd engaged and excited, Bryan is the perfect person to host your next event or show.

For more info, fill out The Event Request Form.

What People Are Saying:

“Bryan was an awesome host and emcee for my book launch event; he had us laughing all night. I’d totally recommend him for any event where you want people to have a good time.” – Jeff Goins, author of Wrecked and The In-Between

“Bryan has hosted numerous events for us over the years and he always does a great job keeping things fun, focused, and fast-paced. Having him at your event is a total no-brainer.” – Sam Masteller, senior pastor of Freedom Life in Christiana, PA

Here’s that link again: The Event Request Form.

(You should hear back within 48 hours. If not, call the police.)