Jon Foreman on songwriting

“As far as when I’m specifically (writing for) one or the other (Switchfoot or other projects), usually I’m just writing to express myself. Most of the stuff no one’s ever going to hear. And that used to really bug me, and I’d realize that’s actually the way we live our lives. Most of what we do, no one’s ever going to know that you’ve done it. Who do you do it for? And, ultimately, there’s an audience of One paying attention. And so, if that doesn’t give it supreme significance, then we’re living in a lie that somehow because more people heard it, it’s more significant. And for me as a songwriter, it gives me as a real ability to attack every song with the idea that this is significant simply because I make it in the condition of the maker itself. Not because someone else might deem it valuable or un-valuable, but because its inherent value lies in the fact that I’m made in the image.”

(full interview here)

My Kickstarter is 6 Days Away!

Hey everyone, just a quick reminder to make yourself a note for next week because on Tuesday, June 30th, my Kickstarter campaign for the 2015 Beast Book is launching!

What is the Beast Book?

1) It’s a season preview for the upcoming NFL season like no other because it has insight AND jokes AND information AND nonsense.

2) It’s also a Weekly viewing guide that helps you track scores, trash talk your fantasy opponents, and win prizes through a fun weekly game.

3) It’s also the only football publication that will publish YOUR predictions. Depending on the level of support you give through Kickstarter, you can get your predictions and opinions in the book!

BUT…it doesn’t happen unless y’all help make it happen, so I’d appreciate you at least checking out the Kickstarter when it goes live on Tuesday, and maybe sharing it with your football-loving friends.

In the meantime, I’ve recorded a bunch of quick podcast episodes talking about the upcoming season. The latest just went up this morning (Episode 005 – June 24, 2015 Headlines), and you can check them all out at or on iTunes.

This is NOT a Treasure Map

If you’re a writer, musician, blogger, wannabe blogger, entrepreneur, author, painter, or anyone who does creative work, I’ve got an eBook I’d love to give you.

It’s called This is NOT a Treasure Map, and it’s based on the closing talk I gave at Killer Tribes a few weeks ago.

The eBook is short – about 2000 words – but I think the concept could transform the way you look at failure, success, and the creative work that you do.

I sent it to my friend Jeff Goins during the final editing phase and he told me he thought it was the best thing I’ve ever written…so there’s that! His official blurb is:

“If you believe in unicorns and pots of gold at the end of rainbows, don’t read this book. In it, Bryan kicks your butt — and mine — dispelling the myth of big breaks. Instead, he calls us to love the work we do, no matter what.” — JEFF GOINS, Author, Wrecked

You can get the book on Amazon for Kindle (This is NOT a Treasure Map) or you can get it free in exchange for your email address at

Speaking of your email address, those who get the eBook will be the among the first to know when the 2013 Killer Tribes Conference audio goes on sale next week, and rumor has it that the first 100 people who buy it will get it for over 50% off.

Get it now: Your FREE copy of This is Not a Treasure Map.

PS…as you’ll see when you click through, big changes are happening at Killer Tribes.

5 Things You Don’t Know About My New Book

My new book, Actually, Clams Are Miserable, officially releases today!

It’s a humor book, which means you will learn NOTHING from it at all. You might snicker, you will probably shake your head, and some of you might even spit out your coffee reading it, but you won’t learn anything.

Some folks who have already read it are saying things like, “This is Bryan Allain at his best.” (author Jeff Goins) and “Hilarious. The perfect gift for a guy this Christmas!” (author Annie Downs), so that has been encouraging to hear.

Here are 5 Things You Don’t Know About the Book

1. It has 61 reviews on and is averaging 3.8 out of 5.0 stars. Not bad for a humor book, considering how subjective they are.

2. That being said, the negative reviews are way more painful for me to take than they were with my first two books. Like, to the point where I have decided not to read any more of them.

The reviewer who wrote, “…it’s like reading the rants of a 5-year old,” simultaneously made me laugh AND want to whack her the back of the head with my engineering degree. I didn’t like the way it made me feel (not in a sad way, more of in an “I’ll show you!” way), so no more for me…for now.

3. TODAY ONLY – Tue, 11/27/12 – you can get 3 books, plus the audiobook, plus the eBook, plus the conversation from the video below, ALL FOR $20, WHICH INCLUDES SHIPPING!

You’ll hate yourself tomorrow if you don’t: Actually, Clams Are Miserable.

4. The book really does make a great gift for guys. It’s funny AND it’s clean, so you can give it to your dad or brother-in-law without having that awkward moment when they read something dirty in it. Plus, it’s a wicked easy read. You can pick it up and start anywhere, and you can get through it in an hour if you’re really enjoying it.

5. This conversation was so much fun. You get the whole thing as bonus audio when you buy the 3-book package. In it, humorist Tyler Stanton and I chat about cliches, MENSA, haircuts, returning phone calls, jeans, umbrellas, and a lot of other nonsense. Here’s a taste.

I’m so excited for you to read this one. If you get my humor at all, then I think you’ll love it. (And if you don’t get my humor, it’s probably not for you.)

GET IT TODAY – Actually, Clams Are Miserable with FREE Shipping

Actually, Clams Are Miserable is Available Now!

Despite tomorrow being the official release day of my new book, it’s available now both digitally and in paperback!

And thanks to this Cyber Monday nonsense, you can get it for wicked cheap.

Like, 1 book for $11 or 3 books for $20 with FREE shipping kind of cheap.

People are calling it “hilarious”, “very funny”, and “Bryan Allain at his best” (which is very nice of them).

Other people are calling it bad names, but who cares about them, right?

It makes a great gift for a guy because it’s a quick read and it’s funny.

(It makes a great gift for a girl for the same reasons.)

I’m so excited for you to read it!

Thanks for your support on the blog for so long and for supporting this new book!

Pick up your copy of Actually, Clams Are Miserable on sale today!


Community Wins Release Day!

Excited to announce that Community Wins releases today on the Kindle store at!

Even more excited to announce that for the first five days, Community Wins is a FREE download!

The book already has over 50 great reviews up on, and folks who received advanced copies are saying really nice things about it.

Community Wins at


“Bryan’s book is more than a manifesto on creating a community; it’s the definitive manual for growing an online audience.” – Sam Davidson

“The thought of building a community of my own is now not as daunting as it once was, and I thank  Community Wins for making it so.” – Michelle W.

“Bryan Allain has done it again.” – Darrell G.

“Reading Community Wins left me feeling like I have a friend in the business that gets me — not an easy thing to come by these days.” – Scott K.

“This is a must read for someone wanting to grow their community either deeper or wider (or both).” – Jessica W.

“Community Wins by Bryan Allain is about as practical as it gets…I 6-Star recommend it. Amazon’s holding me down.” – Mike M.

What Do You Do Next?

1. Go to and get your FREE copy. (promotion ends Saturday)

2. Share the deal with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.

TWITTER: click here and a ready made tweet will appear in a new window. Tweak it to make it sound like you wrote it or just hit ‘send’.

FACEBOOK: Here’s a status update you can copy and paste to share.

Just got my copy of Community Wins by Bryan Allain. It’s a FREE download today!

Thanks for your help in getting the word out, and thanks for being the best community around. YOU are the reason I wrote this book, so thank you all so much!

I’m so excited for you to read this book! 


My Next eBook: Community Wins

I’ve been working on this eBook for a couple of months now…

Excited to announce it today!

It’s my new eBook, Community Wins: 21 Thoughts on Building a Thriving Online Tribe, and if you’re doing anything that requires building a tribe of fans, followers, or friends, I think it’s going to he a huge help for you.

I’m looking to give away free copies to the first 100 people who agree to write an Amazon review for the book, so hurry over to now if you want to get in on the deal.

Can’t wait for you all to read this!

PS…If you’re wondering what happened to Actually, Clams Are Miserable, I pushed the release date back to November. You’ll be hearing more about that in the coming weeks, still very excited about that one too!

My New Book is Coming Soon!

I’m approaching the end of my fourth week working out of my basement as a self-employed mammal, and so far so great.

Folks have been asking what I’ve been working on, and the answer is “everything.” I’ve been putting way more time into the Killer Tribes Blogger Community, I’ve been working on the coming relaunch of the website, and I’ve been working on putting out my next book.

“What book,” you ask? This book.

It’s called Actually, Clams Are Miserable and it’s almost ready for prime time. In fact, here’s a little sneak peak of it.

Continue reading My New Book is Coming Soon!

You Are a Writer by Jeff Goins

There’s a question I used to ask other people that I still hear people asking today. That question is this:

Is being a good writer and a hard worker enough?

I think what people are really asking is this: Am I going to look back on all these years I am pouring into writing and think “what a waste”? What if I keep working hard at writing and keep getting better and it still leads me nowhere. What if I never even sniff a book deal? What if my blog never really grows? What if I’m in the same place in 5 years as I am now? Is it all worth it?

When I think of those questions these days, I think of Jeff Goins. I first met Jeff at Dream Year Nashville in January 2011. He told me how he was kind of burnt out on his blog and was thinking about starting over. I encouraged him to go for it (I think), and I told him things would turn out really well (okay, I probably didn’t say that).

Less than a year and a half later, Jeff is blowing up. His blog ( is insanely popular and chock full of great content, he’s been featured in eBook with some of the most popular bloggers in the planet, and his first print book (Wrecked) hits shelves on August 1st.

How did he do it? I’ll let him fill in the details, but it started with him 1) declaring he was a writer and 2) acting like a writer. Sounds hokey, right? Well, actually it’s not. And once you can grab a hold of that, it can totally transform how you think about your writing and your writing career.

Jeff talks about all of this and so much more in his new eBook, You are a Writer. I got a chance to read it last month and I think it’s really going to change the game for a lot of folks out there. It definitely left me encouraged and inspired to keep pursuing my passions and putting in the work.

Oh, did I mention the book is only 5 bucks! Seriously. You can buy it on Amazon or the Nook, but if you purchase one of the two available PDF packages, you get other goodies as well. Good stuff.

Excited to see things going so well for Jeff because I know how much work he has put into it. Hoping some of you can learn from him and follow in similar footsteps.

UPDATE: Jeff was kind enough to offer a discount to folks who read this blog on the PDF version of the eBook. Go to and purchase either of the two available packages with the discount code killertribes and get them for 50% off! The packages were already priced too low, so this is beyond generous. Hurry though, code expires at midnight on Sunday night, May 20th. Thanks again, Jeff!