Jon Foreman on songwriting

“As far as when I’m specifically (writing for) one or the other (Switchfoot or other projects), usually I’m just writing to express myself. Most of the stuff no one’s ever going to hear. And that used to really bug me, and I’d realize that’s actually the way we live our lives. Most of what we […]

My Kickstarter is 6 Days Away!

Hey everyone, just a quick reminder to make yourself a note for next week because on Tuesday, June 30th, my Kickstarter campaign for the 2015 Beast Book is launching! What is the Beast Book? 1) It’s a season preview for the upcoming NFL season like no other because it has insight AND jokes AND information […]

This is NOT a Treasure Map

If you’re a writer, musician, blogger, wannabe blogger, entrepreneur, author, painter, or anyone who does creative work, I’ve got an eBook I’d love to give you. It’s called This is NOT a Treasure Map, and it’s based on the closing talk I gave at Killer Tribes a few weeks ago. The eBook is short – […]

5 Things You Don’t Know About My New Book

My new book, Actually, Clams Are Miserable, officially releases today! It’s a humor book, which means you will learn NOTHING from it at all. You might snicker, you will probably shake your head, and some of you might even spit out your coffee reading it, but you won’t learn anything. Some folks who have already read it […]

Actually, Clams Are Miserable is Available Now!

Despite tomorrow being the official release day of my new book, it’s available now both digitally and in paperback! And thanks to this Cyber Monday nonsense, you can get it for wicked cheap. Like, 1 book for $11 or 3 books for $20 with FREE shipping kind of cheap. People are calling it “hilarious”, “very […]

Community Wins Release Day!

Excited to announce that Community Wins releases today on the Kindle store at Amazon.com! Even more excited to announce that for the first five days, Community Wins is a FREE download! The book already has over 50 great reviews up on Amazon.com, and folks who received advanced copies are saying really nice things about it. […]

My Next eBook: Community Wins

I’ve been working on this eBook for a couple of months now… Excited to announce it today! It’s my new eBook, Community Wins: 21 Thoughts on Building a Thriving Online Tribe, and if you’re doing anything that requires building a tribe of fans, followers, or friends, I think it’s going to he a huge help […]

My New Book is Coming Soon!

I’m approaching the end of my fourth week working out of my basement as a self-employed mammal, and so far so great. Folks have been asking what I’ve been working on, and the answer is “everything.” I’ve been putting way more time into the Killer Tribes Blogger Community, I’ve been working on the coming relaunch […]

You Are a Writer by Jeff Goins

There’s a question I used to ask other people that I still hear people asking today. That question is this: Is being a good writer and a hard worker enough? I think what people are really asking is this: Am I going to look back on all these years I am pouring into writing and […]

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