Announcing the Killer Tribes Conference

Well…this is probably the biggest, scariest thing I’ve done since I drank an entire glass of water at 10pm as a bed-wetting 12-year old at a sleepover at my friend Seth’s house. Let’s hope it turns out better than that night did. Ladies and Gentleman, introducing the Killer Tribes Conference… Registration is live, and time […]

My Trip to the ECHO and Quitter Conferences

How do you cram 5 days of amazingness into 1 blog post? I’m not sure. But that’s not gonna stop me from trying. (yes, this is a long post. I apologize in advance.) Tuesday 3:45pm – I ordered new business cards last minute because of a new project that just jumped out at me. Tracked […]

A Little Bit of Speaking

I spoke to 125 Jr. High schoolers last night at TwentyFourSeven Youth’s March Madness event at church. It was Minute to Win it night and it was insane. So much going on, seemingly all at once, and yet everyone knew where they belonged and played their part. Much props to Chris Fry, Jake Wood, and […]

Caption This Idiot

I’m flying out to Nebraska this weekend to speak at a high school retreat at Summit Christian College. Should be a blast to connect with a few readers and challenge some young minds. Been a busy speaking month for me. Spoke to the men’s group at my church last week and spoke to a local […]

I Will Make You Laugh AND

93% of you come to this site to laugh, and for that I am so humbled and thankful. Making people laugh has always been one of my favorite things in the world. I understand, however, why I don’t get booked for many speaking gigs. If I’m “the funny guy”, then why else would you bring […]

Learning To Be Content

I spoke at church on Wednesday night about coveting, contentment, and Nintendo. If you want to listen and giggle at my lisp like a little girl, then don’t bother clicking the link. I really don’t appreciate you making fun of me. However, if you’d like to marvel at my oration skills and my cold-induced masculine […]

Tar Heel Weekend

Erica and I are headed southbound this morning as I’ll be speaking at a Youth Retreat in North Carolina for the next 3 days. So excited to spend time with some high school students, inspiring them to wake up to the journey God has them on. If you think of us this weekend (or right […]

Weekend Recap

Had a great weekend these past few days. So great that it deserves it’s own blog post. Friday Night hung out with our friends Lauren and Jon. We crushed 8 sushi rolls (even Lauren tried a piece!) from Aoki in Exton and the Red Sox won. Kylie went to the movies with her friend Chan […]

Wednesday Randomosity

Here’s 5 random things for a random Wednesday in August…and a caption please 1. I’m getting beaten pretty bad by Tyler Stanton right now in our race to 1000 Twitter followers. At the moment he’s got a 741-603 lead on me. If you’re on Twitter, follow me and I’ll follow you back. It’s a great […]

How To Welcome Cyber Guests

Matthew Paul Turner asked me to guest post at his blog this week, and I was more than happy to contribute. It’s Sex Week at his blog (kinda like Shark Week), so if you’re looking for some honest discussion on sex, go check it out. And if you’re looking specifically for my post, “Sex as […]

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