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My 2013 NFL Predictions

It’s a tradition like no other, mostly because no other tradition is ignored quite like this one. Every year I make NFL Predictions on my blog. In some cases I actually nail it. Three years ago I predicted the Packers would win it all. And they did. Last year I predicted all four teams in […]

Win a Copy of One Question by Ken Coleman

My buddy Ken Coleman’s new book, One Question, releases today! I’ve mentioned Ken on the blog before as I’ve been on his radio show a few times (you can listen to us doing Super Bowl trivia here). He’s a great interviewer, talented host, and really funny guy. So excited that his book is hitting shelves […]

The Super Bowl Prop Bet XLVII Contest Results

We had 60 entries in the Prop Bet Contest this weekend. First off, here are the correct picks: The BryanAllain.com Super Bowl XLVII Prop Bets 1. How long will Alicia Keys’ National Anthem be? A. 2 minutes and 14 seconds or longer (was around 2:35) 2. Which team will win the coin flip? B. Baltimore […]

My Super Bowl XLVII Prop Bet Contest

Here’s the deal: I’ve listed 10 prop bets from Sunday’s Super Bowl. In most cases the bets are actual bets you can make in Vegas. Some will rely on your football knowledge, others on sheer luck. What do you get if you make great picks? 10 out of 10 Correct: (limit 2) You win a $50 […]

Our 2012 LOST Christmas Card

Here is our family Christmas card for those of you not on our mailing list. *photo by the amazing Katy Geesaman of Lil Geese Photography And yes, because I’m an idiot I once again hid some stuff from LOST in the card.

7 Ways to Fix the Debate Time Issue

I originally posted this on October 8, 2008. Can’t believe it’s been 4 years! But with the debate tonight, thought it would be fun to revisit it and update it with a few tweaks. If you remember the presidential debates from 4 years ago, you know that the most uncomfortable moments – other than McCain […]

5 Thoughts on the NFL Referee Debacle

I know there will be one billion words written and spoken on this today, but I can’t help myself. At the very least, I hope to offer an angle or two you hadn’t considered. 5 Thoughts on the NFL Referee Debacle 1. Admit it, you have no idea what the “real” refs are demanding. It’s […]

Week 1 NFL Thoughts

…only for those who care about such things. Week 1 NFL Thoughts + There were two questions around Peyton Manning: 1) Is he healthy? and 2) Can he stay healthy? I think we have our answer to the first one. The second one remains to be seen. + If I was a Cleveland Browns fan […]

My 2012 NFL Predictions

On the list of “dumb things I do on this blog”, making NFL predictions is probably near the top. But what can I say, I can’t help myself. Taking a peak back at last year’s predictions was interesting. To wit: The Good: I said the Jets would regress and miss the playoffs (they did). I […]

Bachelorette Tweetfest, Ep 1

I’m sure Knox McCoy will have an amazing recap of the episode up soon. (and here it is). But in the meantime, here’s a recap of the live-tweeting I did during last night’s episode. Do I realize how embarrassed  I should be by the fact that I am writing a blog post highlighting my tweets […]

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