My 2013 NFL Predictions

It’s a tradition like no other, mostly because no other tradition is ignored quite like this one.

Every year I make NFL Predictions on my blog.

In some cases I actually nail it.

Three years ago I predicted the Packers would win it all. And they did.

Last year I predicted all four teams in the Championship games and had the Ravens winning it all. It happened!

This year? No chance of me getting this right.

So here we go…


1. Seahawks (11-5) – Seven wins at home or your money back + deep roster + great leadership and culture. Sky’s the limit.

2. Packers (11-5) – You can over think this one, or you can trust that Rodgers will be Rodgers and Lacy will be an upgrade to an already great offense.

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Win a Copy of One Question by Ken Coleman

My buddy Ken Coleman’s new book, One Question, releases today!

I’ve mentioned Ken on the blog before as I’ve been on his radio show a few times (you can listen to us doing Super Bowl trivia here). He’s a great interviewer, talented host, and really funny guy. So excited that his book is hitting shelves today!

The idea behind One Question is this: If you could sit down with the people you most admire and ask just one question, what would you ask?

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The Super Bowl Prop Bet XLVII Contest Results

We had 60 entries in the Prop Bet Contest this weekend.

First off, here are the correct picks:

The Super Bowl XLVII Prop Bets

1. How long will Alicia Keys’ National Anthem be?

A. 2 minutes and 14 seconds or longer (was around 2:35)

2. Which team will win the coin flip?

B. Baltimore

3. Which team will score first?

B. Baltimore

4. The first points scored will be…

B. Something other than a Field Goal (TD)

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My Super Bowl XLVII Prop Bet Contest

Here’s the deal: I’ve listed 10 prop bets from Sunday’s Super Bowl. In most cases the bets are actual bets you can make in Vegas. Some will rely on your football knowledge, others on sheer luck. What do you get if you make great picks?

10 out of 10 Correct: (limit 2) You win a $50 Amazon Gift Card OR 2 free tickets to the Killer Tribes Conf. in Atlanta on 3/23/13 plus one free night of lodging near the venue. Winner may use the tickets themselves or give them away. They may not be resold.

9 out of 10: (limit 4) Anyone who gets 9 out of 10 correct wins a $25 Amazon gift card.

8 out of 10: (limit 10) Anyone who gets 8 out of 10 correct wins two free signed copies of my book, Actually, Clams Are Miserable. (with free shipping)

If there are more winners than the limit, the Bonus question will be the first tiebreaker, and the earliest entry to be submitted will be the second tiebreaker.

Choose A or B for each answer using the comments section, and don’t forget to answer the tiebreaker. All entries must be submitted as a blog comment before 5:00pm EST on Sunday, Feb. 3. Please only one entry per person.

Here we go!

The Super Bowl XLVII Prop Bets

1. How long will Alicia Keys’ National Anthem be?

A. 2 minutes and 14 seconds or longer

B. 2 minutes and 13 seconds or shorter

2. Which team will win the coin flip?

A. San Francisco

B. Baltimore

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7 Ways to Fix the Debate Time Issue

I originally posted this on October 8, 2008. Can’t believe it’s been 4 years! But with the debate tonight, thought it would be fun to revisit it and update it with a few tweaks.

If you remember the presidential debates from 4 years ago, you know that the most uncomfortable moments – other than McCain calling Obama “that one” – was Tom Brokaw’s increasing annoyance over the blatant disregard for time.

Both camps had agreed to the 2-minute and 1-minute limits on responses and rebuttals, and both candidates blew through them on every answer like a tired motorist running a stop sign at 2:00am.

Let’s face it, it’s ridiculous to expect politicians to be short winded. (1-minute rebuttals?? really??) It’s also ridiculous to expect them to play by the rules.

That’s why I think the rules need to change. Forget the green-yellow-red traffic light on the floor. We need a better system of keeping time and enforcing clock abuse. Here are my proposed solutions

7 Ways to Fix the Debate Time Issue

1. The Chess Clock: Each candidate gets 45 minutes of mic time for the entire debate. Once they are satisfied with their response to a question they slam their button and their opponent’s clock begins.

Manage your time right and you may end up with the last ten minutes of talk time while your opponent has to look on in silence.

2. The Mic Drop: As soon as their time is up on each question, cut off power to their mic. I guarantee that after being cut off mid-sentence a few times they will learn how to finish their thoughts on time.

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5 Thoughts on the NFL Referee Debacle

I know there will be one billion words written and spoken on this today, but I can’t help myself. At the very least, I hope to offer an angle or two you hadn’t considered.

5 Thoughts on the NFL Referee Debacle

1. Admit it, you have no idea what the “real” refs are demanding.

It’s easy to look at the incompetence of the scab refs and accuse the NFL of not caring about its product, but do you really know the details behind why there has been no agreement between the league and the refs? Before you say “it doesn’t matter”, check out this tweet from Jay Glazer last night:

Notice what he said. Not, “the refs are asking too much”, he called it “total BS”. Imagine if you were negotiating with someone who was asking for something along the lines of “total BS”. Suddenly it’s not so cut and dry, is it?

From what I understand, the real issues revolve around pensions (a money thing) and performance (not a money thing). The NFL wants the power to evaluate refs and pull them from teams if performance is bad. Seems reasonable, but the union isn’t budging. This is one of many reasons there is a stalemate.

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Week 1 NFL Thoughts

…only for those who care about such things.

Week 1 NFL Thoughts

+ There were two questions around Peyton Manning: 1) Is he healthy? and 2) Can he stay healthy? I think we have our answer to the first one. The second one remains to be seen.

+ If I was a Cleveland Browns fan I would probably still be crying in the fetal position after Sunday’s loss. Then again, Browns fans are used to this.

You get 4 picks from Vick. You get a gift 5th pick to end the game that is dropped. You get a 5-point lead in the 4th quarter and your coach kicks an extra point instead of going for two. And you get the Brandon Weeden debut, which might be one of the worst QB debuts ever.

Can you name half of the 16 QBs (other than Brandon Weeden) who have started games for the Browns since their 1999 return to the NFL?

(answer at the end)

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My 2012 NFL Predictions

On the list of “dumb things I do on this blog”, making NFL predictions is probably near the top. But what can I say, I can’t help myself.

Taking a peak back at last year’s predictions was interesting. To wit:

The Good:

  • I said the Jets would regress and miss the playoffs (they did).
  • I picked Houston and Tennessee out of the South (HOU won the division, TEN missed the playoffs by a game).
  • I said I didn’t think Peyton Manning would be right all year at a time when some were predicting he’d be back by Week 6 (he missed the whole year.)
  • It wasn’t reflected in my picks, but I said I thought Vick’s health would factor in and maybe let Detroit slip into the playoffs (DET made it, PHI didn’t).

The Bad and The Ugly:

  • I picked the Chargers to win the AFC West and make it to the Super Bowl (8-8 and missed the playoffs).
  • I picked St. Louis to win the NFC West (2-14 record).
  • I had the Cowboys in the NFC title game (missed the playoffs).
  • I had the Giants missing the playoffs (they won the whole freaking thing).


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Bachelorette Tweetfest, Ep 1

I’m sure Knox McCoy will have an amazing recap of the episode up soon. (and here it is).

But in the meantime, here’s a recap of the live-tweeting I did during last night’s episode.

Do I realize how embarrassed  I should be by the fact that I am writing a blog post highlighting my tweets regarding a show like The Bachelorette? Yes. Will it stop me from posting it? Of course not. This is me we’re talking about here.

Without the context of watching the show these might not mean anything to you, in which case you just need to start watching.