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2 Days Left on Crazy Killer Tribes Audio Deal

Wanted to give you a heads up that today and tomorrow are the last chance you have to get an insane deal on the 2013 Killer Tribes Conference Audio Package. My friend Crystal Paine over at has a huge, loyal following that loves to jump on a great deal so we partnered up to […]

The Killer Tribes 2013 Sponsors

Looking back over what a success the 2013 Killer Tribes Conference was, just wanted to say a quick thank you again to the amazing sponsors we had for the event. (you can click their logos to learn more.) The Mocha Club Mobilizing folks to give up a few mochas a month to support strategic and […]

Killer Tribes 2013 Audio is Now on Sale!

So excited to announce that the audio from the 2013 Killer Tribes Conference is now available! We launched it yesterday with a great promo deal that the first 100 people to download it using the code 13LAUNCH get it for $22. (That’s 60% off the regular price of $55). We had a good response yesterday, […]

Love and Respect NOW

I wanted to take a minute to make sure you knew about one of the organizations that sponsored the 2013 Killer Tribes Conference. Love and Respect NOW is a company run by my friend Joy Eggerichs. She is passionate about taking the message of Love and Respect in relationships to the 18-35 year old demographic. […]

This is NOT a Treasure Map

If you’re a writer, musician, blogger, wannabe blogger, entrepreneur, author, painter, or anyone who does creative work, I’ve got an eBook I’d love to give you. It’s called This is NOT a Treasure Map, and it’s based on the closing talk I gave at Killer Tribes a few weeks ago. The eBook is short – […]

10 Quick Thoughts on Killer Tribes 2013

I’m back from Killer Tribes 2013 and still processing everything that went down. Here are ten quick thoughts on what’s bouncing around in my brain. 1. With two events under my belt now, I’m getting a better idea of what I love, dislike, and hate about them. (I’ll spare you the boring details, though.) 2. […]

Catching My Inner Voice in a Lie

Today over at KillerTribes I talk about how I caught my inner voice in a lie yesterday. You’ll also find a special discount code for today only good for $20 off Killer Tribes Conference Audio. If you’ve ever heard your inner voice tell you that you weren’t capable of doing something, I think you’ll enjoy […]

Caption Please: Killer Tribes Conf. Edition

I was going through pictures from the 2012 Killer Tribes Conference and came across this beauty. I think you know what to do. Caption Please!

The 1 Year Anniversary of 31 Days to Mojo

Exactly one year ago today I was sitting at the STORY Conference in Chicago refreshing my Amazon KDP page like a madman. My first eBook, 31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo, had just been released and I couldn’t wait to see how many hundred people bought my book on Day 1. As it turned […]

3 Things I’ve Learned on my Quitter Journey

I’ve got a guest post over at today talking about the three things I’ve learned in my journey to becoming a Quitter. (that journey is still ongoing, by the way…still at the day job doing what I have to do to provide for the family. If and when that changes y’all will surely hear […]

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