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Christian Tingle

It’s a dating service. It’s an app. It’s a new video from Tripp & Tyler. (and did you catch the end? Their book, Stuff You Should Know About Stuff, is coming out this year!)

Church Sets Conference

I’ve mentioned this before, but I occasionally post Vague Headlines over at the Tumblr: Vague Headlines. If you find lazy headline writing amusing, you might like the site. The latest edition? A headline related to me! It’s Vague Headline Inception. “Church Sets Conference” indeed. Yeehaw!

Bryan Allain Live at the Corner Coffee Shop

I’m doing my own 30-minute comedy show in two weeks! See for yourself, there’s even a graphic. Me and my crazy eyebrows will be at the Corner Coffee Shop on March 22nd for a 30-minute stand-up show! Thirty minutes is kind of a long time, especially for someone who’s only ever done 42 minutes of […]

Vague Headlines

I’ve posted so many of these on my Instagram account that I decided to start a Tumblr to capture all of them in one place. If you find poorly written headlines amusing, you might like Vague Headlines. And if you don’t, go back to whatever you were doing.

Christian Farmers Only

Wanted to introduce you to this new dating site for Christian Farmers only brought to you by my friend John Crist. May you find the love you are looking for in the shadow of the silo. check out more of John at

Happy Tryptophan Day, 2013!

Ever since I wrote this seven years ago it’s been a yearly tradition to update it and post it here on the blog for Thanksgiving. Hope you enjoy it, and I hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday week with the ones you love. ——————————————————————————— I’ve noticed a disturbing trend over the last few years that […]

He’s A Little Long in the Tooth

From Actually, Clams Are Miserable For more cliché deconstruction, pick up your own copy of the book that’s been called “laugh out loud funny” (one of my good reviews) and “like reading the rantings of a 5-year old” (one of my not-so-good reviews). Your bathroom desperately needs this book. Available at Amazon in paperback ($9.23) […]