7 Potential Endings to the Serial Podcast

The Serial Podcast – hosted by Sarah Koenig and produced by This American Life and NPR – has been a bit of a cultural phenomenon over these last two months.

Your friends have bugged you to listen, your family gave you their theories over Thanksgiving dinner, and some idiots have actually taken selfies at the landmarks made famous by the case.

The final episode of Season 1 of Serial goes live tomorrow morning, December 18th. What can we expect?

Lucky for you I’ve got it covered.

Ending #1 – The Confession, Version 1 (0.27% chance)

One of Sarah’s interviewees finally owns up to the crime. Whether it’s Adnan, Jay, Jen, Streaker Guy, or some other role player, we get resolution in finally knowing what happened.

(This is then followed by America being happy and satisfied for a few minutes.)

Ending #2 – The Confession, Version 2 (0.04% chance)

Sarah admits that she committed the crime and the final moments of the podcast are her and Adnan talking on the phone in the jail, only they’ve switched sides of the glass partition.

(This is then followed by Koenig writing a book and receiving the highest advance in publishing history.)

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Happy Tryptophan Day!

I wrote this eight years ago it’s been a yearly tradition to update it and post it here on the blog for Thanksgiving ever since. Hope you enjoy it, and I hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday week with the ones you love.


I’ve noticed a disturbing trend over the last few years that seems to gain more and more popularity every Thanksgiving.

structure of tryptophan

The trend in question is the overuse of the word ‘tryptophan’. Yes, that mystery substance in turkey that supposedly makes your eyelids heavy after Thanksgiving dinner.

It seems like only yesterday that attributing your post-meal drowsiness to this little-known amino acid made you sound smart. These days, everyone and their mother-in-law can tell you it’s tryptophan that puts you in a couch coma during the Lions game*. The power of tryptophan has become common knowledge, filed somewhere between “black licorice tastes like the devil’s farts” and “nobody cares about your political rants on Facebook”.

*It should be noted that lots of smart folks believe your post-turkey nap has very little to do with the trace amount of tryptophan found in turkey. As it turns out, tryptophan works best on an empty stomach. So maybe the real reason we sleep after our Thanksgiving meal is because we’ve consumed enough food to feed the entire cast of Modern Family for a week.

My goal is to rid the country of the tryptophan myth one family gathering at a time.

My plan is equal parts idiocy and genius.

My request is that you join me in helping separate tryptophan from the fabric of thanksgiving.

Here’s the plan:

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Bryan Allain Live at the Corner Coffee Shop

I’m doing my own 30-minute comedy show in two weeks!

See for yourself, there’s even a graphic.

Me and my crazy eyebrows will be at the Corner Coffee Shop on March 22nd for a 30-minute stand-up show!

Thirty minutes is kind of a long time, especially for someone who’s only ever done 42 minutes of stand-up combined in his life. So yeah, it will either be really funny or a glorious train wreck…either way you don’t want to miss it.

If you’re in the area, swing on by!

Here’s the Facebook Event: Bryan Allain Live at the Corner Coffee Shop.

Hope to see you there!