A Marriage that is Beyond Ordinary

Doing something a little different on the blog today in support of my friends Justin and Trisha and the book they co-wrote together. The book is called Beyond Ordinary: When a Good Marriage Just Isn’t Good Enough, and it makes for a funny, compelling, and thought-provoking read. You want drama? It has drama. Justin had an […]

The Power of Perspective

Believe it or not, I took these pictures within a minute of each other this past week. In the first one I’m standing at the mailbox facing the tree in the NE direction. In the second I’m standing near the tree facing the mailbox in the SW direction.

Help Alexis & Taylor for World Give Day

You guys know I rarely do this on my blog, but because tomorrow is World Give Day I’m asking you all to hear the story of some dear friends of ours, Jon and Lauren Giunta. Here’s their story in Lauren’s own words, please take 3 minutes to read it: ———————————— We have 3 beautiful girls. […]

Seeing Rob Bell in Nashville: A Guest Post by Jeff Goins

Today’s guest post is from my friend Jeff Goins. He lives in Nashville and recently had the chance to hear Rob Bell speak. He did not rush the stage to hug him or give him a purple nurple. Here’s his guest post. — I saw Christian pastor Rob Bell speak at Belmont University on his […]

Jesus and the Zombie-Pirates: A Guest Post by Cole Schneider

This is a guest post from my friend Cole Schneider. Cole is a fan of the Orlando Magic, but let’s all promise not to hold that against him, okay? ——————– Jesus and the Zombie-Pirates Once upon a time, Jesus said the following to a bunch of people: “If your right eye causes you to sin, […]

On Dropped Passes and Giving Credit

Plenty of athletes thank God after a good performance, but it’s usually in a vague way that doesn’t say “Thank you God for the skills, talents, and opportunity to play this game”. It’s more like, “We won, so I better acknowledge God.” Then there was Steve Johnson of the Buffalo Bills this week, who after […]

Don't Trust the Firewall

We got to our beach house last Saturday around 3pm, and sometime between then and dinner I tried to jump online with my work laptop (a PC) to check my email. INSTANT. FAIL.

I Will Make You Laugh AND

93% of you come to this site to laugh, and for that I am so humbled and thankful. Making people laugh has always been one of my favorite things in the world. I understand, however, why I don’t get booked for many speaking gigs. If I’m “the funny guy”, then why else would you bring […]

How I'm Like Crazy Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson is absolutely nuts. That’s the conclusion I came to after listening to the recorded phone calls of him acting like a monster while talking to the mother of one of his kids, Oksana Russianlastname. If you haven’t heard the recordings, I’m not so sure you should go out of your way to find […]

The Reason it's a Good Friday

When i saw this video at church on Sunday I KNEW it was going to be what I blogged about today. But then Jon Acuff posted it on SCL. And a few days later Matthew Paul Turner posted it too. I thought, “maybe I’m not supposed to post it after all.” Not to mention the […]

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