This is NOT a Treasure Map

If you’re a writer, musician, blogger, wannabe blogger, entrepreneur, author, painter, or anyone who does creative work, I’ve got an eBook I’d love to give you. It’s called This is NOT a Treasure Map, and it’s based on the closing talk I gave at Killer Tribes a few weeks ago. The eBook is short – […]

The 1 Year Anniversary of 31 Days to Mojo

Exactly one year ago today I was sitting at the STORY Conference in Chicago refreshing my Amazon KDP page like a madman. My first eBook, 31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo, had just been released and I couldn’t wait to see how many hundred people bought my book on Day 1. As it turned […]

Taking the Leap

The video in this post has been ten years in the making. I say that because asking you to watch a 9-minute video is the 1992 equivalent of asking you to read Anna Karenina. Yes, it’s long, but still, you’ve got to watch it. The alternative would have been writing this all out. Recapping the […]

Your Best Summer Blog Post

Time for another edition of Shameless Plug Tuesday! You’ve got our full permission to leave a comment that is all about YOU. Here’s how this works: 1. Leave a comment with a link to a blog post you wrote this summer that you’d like others to read (anything from May to now is fine). No […]

My Guest Post at the Catalyst Blog

I wrote something for Catalyst yesterday on 3 things I learned from putting on the Killer Tribes Conference, you can read that here: What I Learned From Hosting Killer Tribes. Speaking of Killer Tribes, the audio from the conference will be available in 3 weeks. Nine talks – over four and a half hours of […]

You Are a Writer by Jeff Goins

There’s a question I used to ask other people that I still hear people asking today. That question is this: Is being a good writer and a hard worker enough? I think what people are really asking is this: Am I going to look back on all these years I am pouring into writing and […]

How to Keep your Blog Fresh

I recently asked the members of the Killer Tribes Blogger Community how they keep their blogs fresh, and here’s what a few of them told me: Dustin Stout: I check Google+, Mashable, and Gizmodo for “What’s Hot”. There’s always something inspiring or interesting in there, even if it is that same animated GIF of Google+ […]

Bob Lefsetz on Success

“Usually success comes long after you expect it, when you’re running on fumes, when there are just enough crumbs to keep you going, but everybody else laughs and tells you to give up.” – Bob Lefsetz, former top level record label consultant enjoy those crumbs folks, it might mean your breakthrough is coming!

Announcing the Killer Tribes Conference

Well…this is probably the biggest, scariest thing I’ve done since I drank an entire glass of water at 10pm as a bed-wetting 12-year old at a sleepover at my friend Seth’s house. Let’s hope it turns out better than that night did. Ladies and Gentleman, introducing the Killer Tribes Conference… Registration is live, and time […]

Good Bye BlogRocket, Hello Killer Tribes

Big announcement today on the blog that a few of you already know about. I’m re-branding BlogRocket as Killer Tribes! Why Killer Tribes? Here’s 5 Reasons: 1. I’ve been talking about re-branding for a few months now because I feel like my expertise extends a little bit beyond the world of blogging. I want to […]

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