Heritage Days 2012

While I won’t do full-fledged photo essays like I did in 2008-2010, I did take a few shots from the Intercourse Heritage Days festival this past weekend.

If you don’t know, Intercourse Heritage Days is an annual celebration held at our local park (in Intercourse, PA) that features a volleyball tournament, kids tractor pull competition, tug of war, great food, a skydiver, and a fireworks show.

And Amish folks. Lots and lots of Amish folks.

Here are a few shots from the weekend:

Amish on the left, “English” (what the Amish call non-Amish people) on the right.

Chances are the Amish won.

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Cows on the Loose!

Saw these two renegade cows on my way home from work yesterday and knew it was a premeditated attempt to get onto my blog.

Guess what? It worked.

Not sure if one of the cows is running or levitating in this next picture…

Just another day in Amish country.

Amish Rollergating

You never know what you’ll find around the next corner when you’re out and about in Amish country. Case in point: I drove past this the other day.

Not sure that this is legal. (and frankly, I’m not even sure it’s fun.)

But hey, only in Lancaster County!

My Amish Roots by Shawn Smucker

I’ve done my fair share of poking fun of the Amish on this blog, but it’s all in good spirits. Many of you don’t know this, but my father-in-law was actually Amish until he was 3, when his parents decided to leave the Amish church. How ’bout them road apples?

If you’re fascinated by the Amish and/or you love good writing, you should pick up a copy of my friend Shawn Smucker’s book, My Amish Roots. In the book Shawn traces back his family lineage over hundreds of years, crafting intriguing stories from the records he was able to dig up and the interviews he conducted with family members. As with everything Shawn does, it’s really well written.

I asked Shawn a couple questions about the Amish and his book, and here were his responses…


1. Have you ever read a Beverly Lewis book or any other piece of Amish Fiction?

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The Amish Hair-Cutting Attacks

If you had hired me last week to write 100 ridiculous stories about the Amish community, I’m pretty sure I would have eventually come up with this one.

And yet it’s not a fake piece written for The Onion. It’s a true story reported by The New York Times, among others.

I won’t reproduce the whole article here, but some highlights…

From the New York Times piece:

“Mr. Miller, 45, a stocky construction worker and an Amish bishop in the peaceful farmlands of eastern Ohio, found five or six men waiting (outside his door).”

As if the guy isn’t already beaten up enough, did you have to call him “stocky”‘?

“Some grabbed him and wrestled him outside as others hacked at his long black beard with scissors, clipping off six inches. As Mr. Miller kept struggling, his wife screamed at the children to call 911, and the attackers fled. “

Notice it wasn’t, “saddle up the horses and go get help!” There’s a reason we like the conveniences of modern technology. And that’s why many Amish families do have a phone in the house, or at least a phone shed somewhere on there property.

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I’m the King of the Amish

I’ve been meaning to share this picture from our family photo shoot a few months ago for a while now, but it kept skipping my mind.

Thankfully, your wait is over.

Those of you who have “See a picture of Bryan with his arms raised as an Amish buggy enters a covered bridge” on your Bucket List can grab a pen and cross that baby right off.
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