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i feel like a woman

March 28, 2005 Bryan 1

Have you seen the Chevy commercial with the Pickup Truck full of 5 ethnically diverse guys off-roading through a desert? The goofy white guy in Read More

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Outclever the clever

March 15, 2005 Bryan 2

I don’t want you to buy into the American Idol hype. I don’t myself. But hype is different than delivering, and this show delivers. What Read More

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March 10, 2005 Bryan 1

i was thinking the other day of a few things that were overrated and underrated in our society these days. thought i’d share: overrated: toothpicks, Read More

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March 3, 2005 Bryan 1

The Sports Guy is running an intern contest, of which I am not a part. But I’d like to play along at home if he Read More

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Double You Too

February 22, 2005 Bryan 3

if you happen to be in the Denver, PA area and come across a W2 Form with my name and yearly earnings on it, do Read More

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the bowl of bowls

February 4, 2005 Bryan 0

so much hype, so much talk, and come Sunday night everyone will have to shut up and play. I’ll probably watch about 20 minutes of Read More

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