pics from cali

March 22, 2006 Bryan 0

Pics from Cali here’s some quick visuals from our trip. captions under each photo: Erica and I at Neptune’s Net. It’s a seafood diner right Read More

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dawn of a day

February 19, 2006 Bryan 0

crazy day today in lancaster county. 10am – Dawn (my 36-weeks pregnant sister-in-law) is in the nursery at church and catches her foot while trying Read More

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ode to fenway

February 13, 2006 Bryan 0

i’m not even sure if i’m prepared to blog about this yet. i don’t think i am. but at the same time, i need to Read More

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don miller site is live

February 2, 2006 Bryan 0

For once, everything went as planned and I launched a site when i wanted to. is up! There’s a small bit of content there Read More

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why i love LOST

January 27, 2006 Bryan 1

one of the many reasons i love “LOST” this idea has been bouncing around in my head for a few days, and i know it Read More

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see you next year

December 31, 2005 Bryan 0

last day of 2005. yes i’m getting in shape next year. yes i want to be a better person next year. no, i’m not making Read More

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pinstriped demon

December 21, 2005 Bryan 1

johnny damon, go play for the yankees. and when you come back to fenway, the only way you’re not going to hear the boos is Read More

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on 'secular' music pt II

December 1, 2005 Bryan 0

i want to make another post without referencing the ongoing discussion about music…but i just can’t. so here’s a question…just a little one to jog Read More

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